Integral Process Controls was founded in 2001 with and objective to solve two key pain points for the customers. First, was to reduce the valve delivery time, significantly, to meet the aggressive demand timelines of the clients. Secondly, we sensed a need to meet the huge and largely unmet need for assured supply of quality valve and valve automation solutions of the customers. We set out to serve this very gap.

Solving the customer's challenges is the very reason we came into existence. Over the last ten years, we have been just scaling up this vision – solving new, bigger challenges for our customers while trying to set new benchmarks in quality. Today, we have established ourselves as one of the leading solution providers for Valve and Valve automation requirements. After the successful launch of our comprehensive range of Gate, Globe and Check valves, we are now looking forward to make it big in coming years.



To know is good, to live is better, to be one, that's perfect.

Thanks to a team that's deep-rooted in technology, our core values have been founded and shaped to provide a practical footing to all our actions. Customer focus, integrity and offering the best value for money are close to our heart. Leaving no stone unturned, in every project that we take-up, in every product that we manufacture, we set out on this quest to make turn these 'values' a reality for you. Nobody is perfect and we perfectly understand that.

But it is equally important to be driven by the zest to be perfect. It is this zest that drives our work, it is the reason we exist, the vision that excites us and mission we aim to put into action. We will always try our best to live by these values drawn below:

Your success: that alone is our sole focus!

Staying put on your success in the pressure of daily work or the din of a project's targets, that's IPC for you.

Ownership Driven: that is total responsibility towards results.

Walking the extra mile for you is the most valuable habit we have acquired over these years. Being ownership driven is a result of constantly improving on just this one habit.

Commitment to Quality: 'quality' by choice, over everything else.

That slippery step where you can choose to be just technically right and still not necessarily be the best in quality. Well, we have walked that over several times – choosing quality over everything else, every time.



E-valving Valve by Valve.

Our rise, aspirations, values or success - everything is a result of the learning from each project, every valve that we have manufactured and installed.

2001: Inception

We started with a 1,000 sq. ft. factory and a team of 12. With over fifty man years of experience in valves and valve automation, we set out to cut out a space of our own among the clients.

2005: Sharpening the IPC Edge

Finding our niche kept our momentum for the first few years. We met customers to understand their unmet needs, went back to the drawing table and found out the ways in which we can help to solve their challenges. After a few milestone projects we had developed a formidable expertise in the valve automation solutions space.

2008: The first major expansion

It was now time to look farther and reach out to new horizons. We expanded our range of solutions to add . Thanks to a good reputation and word of mouth, we earned a lot of references and were simultaneously able to expand to several new industry segments. Bigger space, larger team was the need of the hour!

2011: Strong foundation to rise higher

Although, the economy as a whole was not doing great, we were going good. Perhaps the sincerity, integrity and quality are not limited by a slack market. For whatever reason, the work kept coming and we raised our bar, every time, to reach higher and achieve better results for our clients. We had served over hundred clients and had automation of several thousand valves to our credit.

2015: Leading the way!

Well, we believe that if everything is going great, it just means that something needs to be done differently. And so we did. Sensing the demand for a reliable and comprehensive range of valves, we ventured into manufacturing of a complete range of Gate, Globe and Check valves.

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