Efficient Sealing for high pressure applications

Butterfly Valves are quarter turn rotary motion valves used for throttling as well as on-off purposes. One of the most widely used valves across industries, Butterfly Valves are compact and very easy to operate. Butterfly Valves offer several advantages like quarter-turn operation, good control capabilities and cost effectiveness. These valves are widely used for Chemicals, Petro-chemicals, Food & various other sectors. The Centric Butterfly Valve comes with rubber lined single piece wafer type body, can fit between pipe flanges as per all the standards. These valves have a rigid and sturdy design suitable for variety of liquids and gases in various sectors like Water, Power, Sewage, Chemical process etc. Also, Butterfly Valves have a low operating torque.

Codes & Standards

General design & mfg API 609 / BS EN 593
Face to face dimensions API 609 category A / BS EN 558-1 / ASME B16.10
Actuator mounting pad ISO 5211
Inspection and testing API 598 / BS EN 12266 Part 1
Flange drilling ASME B16.5

Features that Add Value

  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Reliable performance with low maintenance suitable for both on-off and control applications
  • Precisely machined disc provides bubble tight shut-off, assures minimum torque and longer seat life
  • Actuator flange accommodates all types of actuators such as levers, gear operators, electric actuators and pneumatic actuators
  • Body lining and disc are the only components of the valve that come into contact with the line fluid. These components come in a wide variety of materials which resist degradation from the majority of line fluids
  • Bi-directional, hence can shut off liquid and gas in both flow directions
  • Stem connections come in either ‘double D’ or square pattern for mounting of levers and actuators
  • Nylon coated disc option ensures excellent corrosion resistance to several chemical media·