Reliable and low maintenance Valves

Flush bottom valves are compact sized valves which can be directly fitted to the tank bottom. Widely used in Chemical, Pharma and Food sector, these valves have cavity free design to avoid product deposition inside the valve. Typically Flush bottom valves come in Carbon steel / Stainless steel material or exotic materials like Inconel and Hastalloy. IPC Flush Bottom Ball Valves are supplied in both manual and automated configuration.

Codes & Standards

General design & mfg ASME B 16.34
Face to face dimensions Manufacturer’s Std.
Inspection and testing BS EN 12266 Part 1 / API 598
Flange drilling ASME B 16.5

Features that Add Value

  • Compact Ball type design· Compact Ball type design
  • Cavity filled design ensures zero fluid entrapment
  • No stagnation of fluid above the ball
  • Actuator mounting pad adhering to ISO 5211
  • Quarter turn design ensures fast operation
  • Jacketted design options for temperature requirements of specific processes
  • Complete absence of cavities inside the valve ensures that there is no problem associated with deposition and solidification of fluid
  • Available in various materials as per customers' specific requirements
  • Anti-blow out stem design
  • Sturdy, reliable and low maintenance construction