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4 ways to improve your control valve performance

Performance of any system depends on small things that make a big difference.

Two things illustrate this idea in the best manner. One, the story of your car’s tire. It’s the most exposed and the most used part of your car. In order to optimize the tire’s performance, we carry out regular wheel alignment, avoid driving the car on bad roads, and monitor the air pressure in the tire. These small measures ultimately combine to extend the life of the tire. The same is also true of valves.

What are the small things that make a big difference in valve optimization?

Here are 4 insights

Choose the right type and size

The performance of your control valves has a deep impact on the quality of the final product. If the valve is too big, the precision and control over the production process will be compromised, and this could affect the final product. TO know more about how to choose the right control valve, take a look at IPC’s recommendations on the same

Monitor and maintain

Run diagnostic tests and stick to a maintenance schedule of valves. Many digital technologies can now help detect and redress minor issues before they become major problems. Constant monitoring of valves and redressing issues when they are small helps avoid unexpected downtime later. For more information on how technology is changing valve maintenance, explore the best practices of data driven valve maintenance.

Control contamination

Air which enters the valve can interact with the particles of flowing media. This forms a substance that can hinder the performance of your valve. Using proper filters could help resolve this issue.

Minimize damage from vibration

It is essential for a control valve to remain in touch with the controller instrument. However, vibrations around the valve assembly could break the linkage that communicates with the controller mechanism. Thus, minimizing this damage is vital.


Along with best practices for maintenance, the quality of valves also plays a vital role in determining their performance and lifespan. At IPC, we are focused on delivering the best quality valves to you within a short lead time. If you are looking for durable and reliable valves to reduce your long-term maintenance costs and unplanned downtime, get in touch with us at  evalve@ipcvalves.com or call on +91 (020) 6630 4580 / 6630 4583