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Y-Type Flush Bottom Valves

Y-type flush bottom valves for Perfect draining

Y-type flush bottom valves redefine tank draining with unmatched efficiency. Featuring a unique Y-shaped design, these valves ensure optimal flow control and efficient draining of tanks and vessels. The bottom-mounted configuration allows for complete emptying, leaving no residue behind. These valves find applications in diverse industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and water treatment. With their robust construction and reliable sealing, our Y-type flush bottom valves provide a reliable solution for demanding draining requirements.


Efficient and complete draining of tanks and vessels
Y-shaped design allows for optimal flow control, minimizing pressure drops
Prevents any leakage or seepage during the draining process
Easy maintenance, allowing for quick access during inspection, cleaning, or repairs
Minimizes the risk of residual chemicals or contaminants


General design & mfg Manufacturers STD. / ASME B-16.34
Valve inspection and testing API 598
Flanged End ASME B 16.5
Valve Body ASTM A216 GR.WCB / ASTM A351GR.CF8M / ASTM A351 GR.CF3M / ASTM A351 GR.CF8
Disk / Seat / ASTM 316
Size range Inlet Flange 1.1/2" to 6" & Outlet Flange 1" to 4"
Pressure rating Class 150 / 300


The outlet range is 45 Deg inclined to the axis of the valve
Inline maintenance under the tank
These valves are available with actuators and manual operated
These valves are compact, lightweight design and ideal for
These valves are available in two types of constructions, one the plug opens into the vessels & second the plug opens into the valve body