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Forged Steel Check Valves

Seamless operation, accurate flow control

IPC’s forged steel check valves – setting new standards in performance and reliability. Designed for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, food, power, and water/steam industries. Experience seamless operation with optional electrical actuator automation. Choose from socket weld, butt weld, or screwed end connections for easy integration. Trust in their durability, precision, and adaptability to elevate your processes. Join satisfied customers who rely on IPC’s check valves for exceptional results.


Smooth and fast operation
Sturdy design so as to withstand rough operational conditions of Check Valves
Manufacturing with advanced processes for best results and longevity
Excellent sealing efficiency


General design & mfg API 602/ISO 15761/B 16.34
Pressure Temperature rating ASME B 16.34
Face to face dimensions Manufacturer's standard
Inspection and testing API 598 / BS 12266-1
End connections ASME B 16.11, ASME B 16.25
Size range DN 15 to DN 50
Seat leakage API 598
Pressure rating 800 / 1500 / 2500 / 4500


Various trim materials are available (in accordance with API 602)
Gland packings can be replaced without removing the valve from the pipeline
Actuated valves can be provided with pneumatic / electrical actuator
In pressure classes #1500 and above, bonnets come in welded design
Lift check valve can be used in horizontal as well as vertical pipelines
Valves are available in socket weld, butt weld, screwed and welded


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