ipc valves


PFA Lined Plug Valves

Plug valve for highly corrosive materials

Most economical Valve for handling most corrosive, and reactive material, PFA Lined Plug Valves from IPC comes with thick, continuous PFA liner which is locked to the body. The large sealing surfaces of this Valve ensure tight shut-off. These Valves are bidirectional and provides superior performance. Quarter turn rotation makes these valves very easy to operate.


Exceptional resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for handling highly corrosive fluids
Smooth and non-stick surface, reducing friction and ensuring reliable operation
Extended service life of the plug valve
High level of safety by effectively isolating corrosive media


Pressure Rating Class 150, PN 10
Sizes 1/2" to 6"
Mfg Standards API 599
Testing Standards BS EN 12266-1
End Details ASME B 16.5
Face To Face ASME B 16.10


Rugged construction, superior performance
Easy to automate and operate
An open-end wrench for easy maintenance