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Motorised Globe Valve

Accurate flow control with electric actuation

IPC’s Electric actuator valve combines with the precision of a globe valve with the efficiency of electric actuation. It offers accurate flow control, excellent throttling capabilities, and reliable sealing. Designed for various applications, including HVAC, power plants, and pharmaceuticals, the Globe valve ensures optimal system performance, energy savings, and reduced maintenance. Its electric actuator enables remote operation, integration with control systems, and precise control over flow rates, making it an ideal choice for critical industrial processes.


Reliable sealing & sturdy construction to ensure excellent performance.
Outside screw & yoke (OS & Y) construction.
Pressure sealed bonnet for ASME #900 and above to provide excellent sealing against increased line pressure.
Back Seat arrangement to provide isolation of stuffing box for On-Line serviceability.


General design & mfg. API623 ASME B16.34/BS 1873/IBR
Face to face dimensions ASME B16.10
Actuator mounting pad ISO 5210
Inspection and testing API 598 / BS EN 12266 Part 1
Flange drilling ASME B16.5
Size range DN 50 to DN 600
Pressure rating Class 150/300/600/900/1500/2500
Operating Temperature range -29˚C to 650˚C
Seat leakage As per BS EN 12266 part I


Complying to various national and international standards like API, BS, ISO, etc.
Valve Bypass arrangement optionally available.
Locking arrangement can be provided on manual and hand wheel operated valves.
Torque arm reduces wear on packing rings & enables better sealing & reduces torque.
Valves are available in Flanges End & Butt weld end connections (other connections can be provided on request)


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