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Jacketed Ball Valves

Optimal Temperature Control and Reliability

IPC’s Jacketed Ball Valve offers superior temperature control and reliability for demanding applications. With its unique design, the valve incorporates a jacketed outer layer that allows for efficient heating or cooling of the process media, ensuring precise temperature management.

IPC manufactures jacketed ball valves with options of full bore and reduced bore. These valves are designed to provide maximum safety, sealing integrity and reliability.


High quality packing rings to ensure superior performance
Designed to avoid seat deformation and cold flow
Fully welded jacket in carbon steel covering from flange to flange
Blow out proof stem
Sturdy, light weight and compact design


General design & mfg ISO 17292 / ASME B 16.34
Face to face dimensions ASME B 16.10 / MANUFACTURERS STANDARD
Actuator mounting ISO 5211
Inspection and testing API 598 / BS EN 12266 Part 1
Flange drilling ASME B16.5


Actuator mounting pad as per ISO 5211 to ensure compatibility with all standard actuators
Well designed jacket helps circulation of high pressure heating and cooling media
Negligible pressure drop across the valve
Various types of jacketing material can be provided
Enough clearance is available between jacket and bolt holes to ensure easy mounting on pipelines



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