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Cavity Filled Ball Valves

Cavity filled ball valves for high viscosity medias

Cavity filled ball valves are ideal for materials like Polymer, Monomer, slurries etc where media is in form of fluids, semi solids and high viscosity. When media contains high sticking properties Cavity Free Ball Valve is an only solution to ensure valve’s longer life and consistent performance.

Cavity free Ball Valves are designed in such a manner that the cavities between the ball, body and stem are totally eliminated, thereby stopping process of media sediment build up inside the valve.


Capable to handle all sorts of media
Contamination free flow with 100% tight shut off
Improved flow efficiency and performance
Easy cleaning and maintenance process
Extended valve lifespan and reliability
Versatile application across various industries


Pressure Rating : Class 150 / 300
Sizes : 1/2" To 8"
Mfg Standards : ISO 17292
Flange Details : ASME B 16.5
End to End Dimensions : ASME B 16.10


Cavity-free design eliminates internal cavities or pockets where media can accumulate, ensuring uninterrupted flow
Promote optimal flow and minimizing pressure drops
Available in full port and optimal port design
Designed to meet stringent sanitary standards


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