ipc valves


Single Plate Wafer Check Valves

Wafer check valves for compact area applications

Compact, Reliable, and Efficient. Engineered for seamless installation between flanges, these valves offer efficient flow control and reliable check function. Ideal for HVAC, water treatment, oil and gas, and process industries, they prevent backflow and protect systems from damage. With a single plate design, they provide low pressure drop and ensure smooth operation in vertical and horizontal pipelines. Elevate your flow control capabilities with our high-performance single plate wafer check valves.


General design & mfg API 6D / ASME B 16.34
Face to face dimensions API 6D / ASME B 16.10
Inspection & testing API 598
Flange drilling Wafer Design ASME B16.5
Pressure rating Up to PN 16
Size range DN 25 to DN 600


Compact design for space-saving installation.
Efficient flow control with low pressure drop.
Reliable check function prevents backflow.
Versatile application across various industries.
Durable construction for long-lasting performance.


Very simple in construction, compact, light-weight, sturdy & rugged
Can operate electively in both vertical and horizontal pipe lines
Soft seated valves come in two variants O ring seated and PTFE / RPTFE seated
Wafer type end connections as standard other types can be provided on request
Long life and trouble-free operation
Easier to handle, pack and transport as compared to other valves