ipc valves


Dual Plate Check Valve

Reliable backflow prevention valves

Streamlined, Versatile, and Effective. Engineered with a dual plate design, these valves ensure efficient flow control and reliable backflow prevention. From oil and gas to water treatment, chemical processing to HVAC, they find applications across diverse industries. With a compact and lightweight construction, they are easy to install and perfect for space-constrained environments. The quick closure and tight seal mechanism prevent water hammer and ensure uninterrupted system performance. Experience durability, versatility, and seamless operation with our high-quality dual plate check valves.


Anti-blow out stem design
Compact Ball type design
Cavity filled design ensures zero fluid entrapment
No stagnation of fluid above the ball
Actuator mounting pad adhering to ISO 5211


General design & mfg ASME B 16.34 / API 594
Face to face dimensions API 594
Inspection and testing API 598 / BS EN 12266 Part 1
Flange drilling ASME B16.5
Size range DN 40 to DN 600
Pressure rating PN10 / PN16


Very compact in size as compared to a Swing check Valve
Inherently light weight by the virtue of its design
Due to split disc design slamming of disc during closure of the valve is considerably reduced
While opening disc does not have to overcome gravity Hence it is quick to respond to the flow pressure