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Flame Proof Limit Switch Box

Perfect Monitoring, Control and Protection for Valve

IPC manufactures Flameproof Limit Switch boxes with all required certifications. Ideal for use in various types of industries and compatible with almost all types of pneumatic actuators, IPC make Limit Switch boxes give superior performance even in the hostile environments. IPC also introduced A.S. Interface Limit Switch box as the latest technology which communicates intelligently with other devices in network. IPC Flameproof limit switch boxes are available in Stainless Steel as well as Aluminium body.


Epoxy coated aluminium body and stainless steel shaft makes this unit ideal for use in hostile environment.
Easily adjustable serrated cams allow a very quick and fine, tool free switch adjustment.
FPB Series Box has a large two color position indicator which makes it easy to see actual valve position from the top as well as all sides.
Complies to NAMUR Mounting standards.
Various options cable entries are available (eg. 1/2” NPT, M20 x 1.5P, 3/4” NPT etc.)


FPB can be provided with optional extra terminal strip for external solenoid valve connection.
FPB can be provided with different types of switches: SPDT, DPDT, Hermetically sealed electromechanical, inductive proximity etc.
FPB can be provided with position transmitter arrangement having output signal of 4 to 20mA.
Range of Mounting Accessories having the compatibility with the various Actuator manufacturers available.
A stainless steel bracket is available as an option. Temperature range -20 °C to +60 °C.


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