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Globe Valves Pressure Seal Bonnet

Specialised high pressure globe valves

IPC Valves’ Globe Valves with Pressure Seal Bonnet. Designed for high-pressure applications, they deliver unmatched performance and reliability. The Pressure Seal Bonnet ensures a secure, leak-free seal, even in extreme conditions, ensuring system integrity and safety. Ideal for oil and gas, power generation, and petrochemical industries, our Globe Valves with Pressure Seal Bonnet provide precise flow control and exceptional durability.


Secure and reliable seal under pressure
Handles high-pressure applications effectively
Ensures enhanced system safety and integrity
Long-lasting durability and reduced maintenance
Versatile for various industrial applications


pressure rating ASME class 150 through 4500
sizes - 2" to 16" (DN-50 to DN-400)
MFG standards - BS 1873 / ASME B16.34
flange details - std as per ASME B16.5
others as per BS, AWWA, EN, DIN, etc.
end to end dimensions - as per ASME B16.10
testing standards - API 598 / BS EN 12266-part 1
butt-weld end details - as per ASME B16.25


Pressure-seal bonnet design with innovative features to enhance the performance & safety
Hard facing thickness of 3 mm to ensure long and trouble free service life
Seating surfaces in high pressure Valves are hard faced with Stellite6 or equivalent
Single piece stem in Globe Valves for superior strength


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