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Globe Valve Bolted Bonnet

Leading Manufacturer of Globe Valves in India

Globe Valves manufacturer from IPC are ideally unidirectional. These can be utilized for isolation as well as for flow control. The flow characteristics of a Globe Valve are easy to control hence flow control can be achieved at any open position. This makes the design suitable for throttling application. Globe valves have superior strength and long cycle life. Pillar yoke construction provides easy access to bonnet & packing rings for maintenance. All valves are manufactured in accordance with the latest industry standards.
IPC offer wide range of sizes in globe valve right from 1/2” to 16” (DN- 50 to DN -400) and pressure rating ranges from ASME class 150 through 4500. Higher pressure rating and bigger sizes can also be provided.


Designed for trouble free and consistent operation
Manufacturing with advanced processes for best results and longevity
Superior strength due to Single piece forged Stem
Automatically adjusts the slight misalignments caused by pipeline deflections & thermal deformation


pressure rating ASME class 150 through 4500
Sizes - 1/2" to 16" (DN-50 to DN-400)
MFG standards - BS 1873 / ASME B16.34 / public API623
Flange details - std as per ASME B16.5
Others as per BS, AWWA, EN, DIN, etc
End to end dimensions - as per ASME B16.10
Testing standards - API 598 / BS EN 12266-part 1
Butt-weld end details - as per ASME B16.25


Flanges: Standard as per B16.5, and others as per BS, AWWA, EN, DIN Etc
Raised face with serrations (125-250 AARH) – Other options available
Stuffing box inner surface with very smooth finish for superior gland sealing
Various options in trim available upon request
In Globe Valves Integral seat ensures proper seating of plug as well as sealing


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