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Double Offset Butterfly Valves

Leading Double offset butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Double offset Butterfly Valves are quarter turn rotary motion valves used for control as well as on-of purposes. One of the most efficient valves which are used across various industries, Double offset Butterfly Valves are compact and very easy to operate. These valves offer several advantages like easy quarter-turn operation, good control capabilities and cost effective as compared to other valves used for control applications. Also, Double Offset Butterfly Valves are known for their low operating torque.

In this type of valves, the disc is positioned of-centred in the valve and designed to increase sealing ability and decrease seat wear. IPC make High performance Double offset Butterfly Valves are best suited to handling water, oil, steam, gas etc. These valves are corrosion resistant, cost effective and light weight.


Blow out proof stem
Double offset Butterfly Valves are reliable, low maintenance shut off and control valves
An innovative seat design ensures very low operating torque and long seal life
Improved abrasion resistance even after extensive use
Light weight, compact and low cost as compared to other type of valves used for control applications


General design & Mfg. API 609
Face to Face dimensions API 609 / ASME B 16.10
Actuator Mounting Pad ISO 5211
Inspection and testing API 598 / BS EN 12266 Part 1
Flange Drilling ASME B 16.5
Size range DN 50 to DN 600
Pressure rating ASME class 150


Actuator flange accommodates all types of valve actuators such as lever, gear operators, electrical actuators and pneumatic actuators
Stem connections come in either Double D or square pattern for mounting of levers and actuators
High strength disc for better and tighter sealing
Available in Carbon, Alloy, Stainless steel