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Flush Bottom Ball Valves

High-performance flush bottom valves, engineered for optimal tank draining efficiency. Designed with precision, these valves offer reliable sealing to prevent leaks during the draining process. Their bottom-mounted design ensures complete emptying of tanks, eliminating residual liquids and debris. Ideal for industries like chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage, our flush bottom valves are built to withstand harsh environments. Experience hassle-free maintenance with quick access for inspection and repairs. Elevate your tank draining capabilities with our exceptional flush bottom valves.


Anti-blow out stem design
Compact Ball type design
Cavity filled design ensures zero fluid entrapment
No stagnation of fluid above the ball
Actuator mounting pad adhering to ISO 5211


General design & mfg ASME B 16.34
Face to face dimensions Manufacturers Std.
Inspection and testing BS EN 12266 Part 1 / API 598
Flange drilling ASME B 16.5
Size range DN 40 to DN 200
Pressure rating Class 150


Quarter turn design ensures fast operation
Jacketted design options for temperature requirements of specific processes
Complete absence of cavities inside the valve ensures that there is no problem associated with deposition and solidification of fluid
Available in various materials as per customers' specific requirements
Sturdy, reliable and low maintenance construction