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3 Way Floating Ball Valves

Get exceptional flow control with 3 way ball valve

Engineered with precision, these valves offer exceptional versatility and performance. The L-Port and T-Port configurations allow for seamless switching between flow directions, providing optimal control and flexibility. Perfect for applications requiring mixing, blending, or diverting fluids, these valves find extensive use in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and water treatment. Experience superior flow control and unleash the potential of your processes with IPC’s 3 WAY FLOATING BALL VALVE (L-PORT & T-PORT).


Blow-Out Proof Stem
Low emission packing
Ideal for applications that require mixing, blending, or diverting fluids
Efficient and consistent flow


General design & mfg BS EN ISO 17292 / ASME B 16.34
Valve face to face dimensions MANUFACTURING STANDARD
Flange drilling ASME B16.5
Top flange drilling ISO 5211
Valve inspection and testing API 598 / ISO 5208


ISO 5211 Mounting Pad Allows for mounting of actuator.
Maintenance free live loaded double sealing stem packing ensures high cycles life and positive sealing.
Full Bore body, avoids clogging and ensures smooth flow when handling slurries and solid.
Body cavity fillers available.
Seating is available for all 3 ports.



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