ipc valves

Our Journey



We started with a 1,000 sq. ft. factory and a team of 5. With over fifty man years of experience in valves and valve automation, we set out to cut out a space of our own among the clients.


Sharpening the IPC Edge

Finding our niche fueled early momentum. We met customers to understand their unmet needs, went back, and innovated to find the ways in which we can help to solve their challenges. After a few milestone projects, we had developed a formidable expertise in the valve automation solutions space.


The first major expansion

It was now time to look farther and reach out to new horizons. We expanded our range of solutions to add. Thanks to a good reputation and word of mouth, we earned a lot of references and were simultaneously able to expand to several new industry segments. Bigger space & larger team was the need of the hour!


Strong foundation to rise higher

Although, the economy as a whole was not doing great, we were going good. Perhaps the sincerity, integrity and quality are not limited by a slack market. For whatever reason, the work kept coming and we raised our bar, every time, to reach higher and achieve better results for our clients. We had served over 400 clients and had automation of several thousand valves to our credit.


Launched GGC Valves

Well, we believe that if everything is going great, it just means that something needs to be done differently. And so we did. Sensing the demand for a reliable and comprehensive range of valves, we ventured into manufacturing of a complete range of Gate, Globe and Check valves.


Started Unit II

IPC has expanded its operations with the launch of 5x bigger space as Unit II, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to manufacturing high-quality GGC valves. With advanced technologies and efficient processes, Unit II ensures streamlined production, faster delivery, and increased capacity!


Few more valves

With vision of expansion, we further added a comprehensive solutions to our portfolio with Ball Valves, Limit Switch Boxes and Actuators. This expansion caters to diverse industrial needs, ensuring high-quality and reliable products.