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Gate Valves – Pressure Seal Bonnet

Leading Supplier of High Pressure Gate Valve

Meticulously engineered, it delivers robust sealing, specifically designed for high-pressure applications. Our Pressure Seal Bonnet ensures reliable operation, even in the most challenging environments. With its secure and leak-free seal, it minimizes downtime, optimizing productivity. Perfect for industries like oil and gas, power generation, and petrochemicals, our Pressure Seal Bonnet for Gate valves guarantees exceptional performance, surpassing customer expectations.


Reliable performance and durability
Enables safety with good control over high pressure fluids
Prolonged life span ensuring longevity and cost saving
Increased productivity by minimizing downtime and potential disruptions


Pressure rating ASME class 150 through 4500
Sizes - 2" to 24" (DN-50 to DN-600)
MFG standards - ASME B16.34 / MSS SP-144
Flange details - std as per ASME B16.5
Others as per BS, AWWA, EN, DIN, etc.
End to end dimensions - as per ASME B16.10
Testing standards - API 598 / BS EN 12266-part 1
Butt-weld end details - as per ASME B16.25


Flanges: Standard as per B16.5, and others as per BS, AWWA, EN, DIN Etc
Raised face with serrated finish (125-250 AARH) – Other options available
Seat rings are seal welded with body to eliminate leakage and accidental loosening of the seat ring
One piece bonnet design
Flexible wedge/Split wedge with balanced design to minimize vibrations due to flow
Highly finished seat face with lapping
Rising stem – trapezoidal threads and burnished finish
Pillar yoke construction for easy access to bonnet & packing rings for maintenance
One piece cast flexible wedge that minimizes stress concentration


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