ipc valves


Knife Edge Gate Valve

Speciality Valve for abrasive applications

IPC Valves’ knife-edged gate valves are specifically engineered to excel in challenging environments, making them ideal for abrasive, viscous and powder applications. Their design enables efficient handling of slurries, pulp stocks and corrosive fluids in various process industries, requiring a resilient seat and precise shut-off. These valves find extensive use in waste-water treatment, pulp & paper, food, cement and powder industries, offering large sizes to ensure smooth operation even with thick flows.


Designed for superior performance and long services life
Perfect valve for abrasive and slurry type applications
These valves can be supplied in both uni-directional and bidirectional configuration
Manual valves available with either hand wheel or gear
Automated valves can be supplied with various accessories


General design & mfg MSS SP 81
Face-to-face dimensions Manufacturer's Standard
Inspection & testing MSS SP 81
Flange drilling ASME B 16.5
Size range DN40 to D600
Pressure rating PN10, PN16
Operating temperature range -29C to 200C


Both soft seated and metal seated valves are available
Lug type cast stainless steel body
Available size range of DN 50 to DN 600 (consult factory for larger sizes)
Automated valves are available with either pneumatic or electric actuation like Limit switches, Air lock relays, Flow control valves, Volume boosters, Position transmitters etc.