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5 points for selecting a pneumatic actuator

With modern facilities and automation, actuator becomes a key part of any process plant. Whether it is refineries, manufacturing plants, or pipeline compressor stations, you will find pneumatic actuators working out best to ensure these facilities run continuously.

Actuator is device that converts signal received from the controller into an action.  pneumatic actuators contain a piston enclosed within a cylinder. They are powered by the external air or gas source to move the cylinder so that they can regulate or operate a valve. In this blog, we discuss 5 points that need proper attention before you start selecting a Pneuamatic actuator.

1. Sizing

To decide what actuator is a right fit, Size, Design and Media temp are the key, Differential pressure also needs to considered while doing this. Over-sized one can actually damage the stem, whereas undersized wont be able to operate the valve as desired.

2. Force

Force that is required to actuate the valve is another key factor. the force refers to the amount of torque/thrust required to move the valve from its open to closed position. this totally depends on type of valve, type of media, its torque, supply pressures, which fail mode a valve is.

3. Compatibility

Pneumatic actuator totally depends/rely on air supply. Typically, a valve requires a pressure range of 35 PSI 140 PSI to build a pressure to move a valve. if required pressure cannot be made available again selection of the piston will require a change.

4. Frequency of operation

How many times the valve is operated has a direct correlation to the durability of mechanical drives. for example, isolating valves will have less wear as a result if infrequent use as compared to valves that continuously operate. based on this actuator needs a selection.

5. Safety

Safey has no option in general, so is the case for valves as well. its always a best or rather only choice while selecting an actuator. in case of emergency actuator should be able get the valve in fail-safe position.

Though cost is another and most important point, while purchasing one obviously considers it. Greater torque considered means bigger the actuator will lead increase in power consumption. But if you rightly size the actuator cost won’t be major concern.

Being alert and quality conscious, right on technical is the only way to buy right actuator for your application. get in touch will our team to help you get right solution