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Four easy ways to extend the life of valves in your factory!

The life of valves in your factory can be increased by multi-fold, just by considering some very simple aspects. Longer life of valve not just reduces the costs but also minimizes downtime from corrective maintenance. Keeping valves and actuators running at their optimum performance level is an effective way to reduce the operational cost and save on Cap-ex.
Above all, extending the life of valves comes at almost no additional costs, when compared to time, effort and the actual costs of buying new ones.

Secret of healthy, long-lasting valves? – The right selection!

The valve selection process often takes a toll under the pressures of time, resources, multiple vendors, standards to choose from, price, maintenance costs, and many more…
But taking time to select the right valve for your process, after careful consideration of all these parameters, is the only way to ensure an enduring performance from it. Unfortunately, like all good things in life, there is no short cut here. In the previous newsletter we had highlighted on the importance of internal benchmarks in valve selection. Time and again, organisations that spend good amount of time to research, understand and define the needs of the valves they’re buying, have experienced lower life-cycle costs for their valves.

Proper installation, is half the maintenance ….done

Valves are a part of dynamic systems. Knowledge of valve anatomy is highly critical for proper installation of the valves. Even a slight deviation or ignorance at installation stage can significantly reduce the life of the valves when put under operations.
A meticulous and fine installation job, on the contrary, can save millions in maintenance, in addition to extending the life of valves. Just like a well rooted plant will live and stand its ground, a well installed valve can meet the demands of the process better and for a longer duration.

Prevent is better than correct!

Often, it’s the most simple and obvious that is given the least importance. Research after research has proved that just 20% greater emphasis on preventative maintenance can reduce almost 80% of corrective maintenance in valves. Regular cleaning, lubrication and inspection significantly reduces the downtime.
Testing at regular interval can further help to eliminate the problems which tend to reduce the life of valves. Keeping a constant focus, adequate budgets and allocation of resources for preventive maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of valves in your factory.

Corrosion – the silent killer!

Valve turnover is a key challenge in corrosive applications. Corrosion is a known, and perhaps the most common, cause of valve damage. Owing to its slow but unyielding nature, what often gets ignored (in case of corrosion) is the extent of damage corrosion can cause.
Applying protective coatings to valves in corrosive applications arrests the wear and protects valves against damage from corrosive materials and high temperature. While it might sounds simple, but corrosive protection holds the potential to create a significant improvement in life of valves.