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GGC Welding Quality beyond expectation

No Cutting Corners, No Compromises –  Welding that goes beyond industry Standards

To achieve true quality there is only one right way. IPC Valves are not products of chance they are manifestation of commitment to true quality. At IPC, we don’t just follow standards, we exceed them to ensure you have valves that are product of accuracy, reliability and give long service life.

Welding Quality that goes beyond standards

Welding quality is paramount in valve manufacturing for several critical reasons. Valves often operate in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. A robust welding quality ensures the structural integrity of the valve, preventing leaks, failures and potential safety hazards.

In industries like fertilizers where corrosive materials are common, proper welding techniques and materials contribute to the corrosion resistance of valves. This is crucial for maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of the valve in harsh environments.

Welding quality is a prime example of IPC’s dedication to excellence. While the standard requirement for Hard Facing Welding sits at 1.6 mm, IPC goes the extra mile, boasting a solid 2 mm. It’s not about being extravagant; it’s about reinforcing their promise of durability and resilience.

Automatic Welding Processes

Step into IPC’s welding facility, and you’ll find state-of-the-art technology at work. We have fully Automatic Welding Processes like GMAW for Seal welding and PTAW for Hard facing. Not all valve manufacturers have such advanced welding processes.

GMAW takes care of Seal welding, ensuring a tight, secure fit. Meanwhile, PTAW steps up for Hard facing, providing an additional layer of robustness to tackle even the toughest conditions.

Choosing IPC isn’t just selecting valves; it’s opting for a quality journey that surpasses expectations. Every weld, every process is a testament to their commitment to deliver excellence.