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Is your valve behaving like a loan shark?

When a loan shark lends money, they make it look easy. The borrower gets the cash quickly without much paperwork, there are not many conditions on how the money should be spent. However, later the borrower discovers that there are hidden costs. The rate of interest is higher, payments could be demanded much before the agreed-upon deadline, and even the borrower’s life is threatened. It’s a debt trap.

The price seemed low when the service was first sought, but it had much higher hidden costs. If the borrower had considered the hidden costs first, he would have approached the right lender.

The same could be said for valves. 

In cricket, the force needed to swing the bat is the key to hitting the boundary. The same could be said about the case of torque requirements for valves

The cost of a valve is not limited to its buying price or even the maintenance cost. There are many other factors impacting valve costs. Not being aware of these factors could turn your valves into loan sharks that keep demanding money, but offer little in terms of performance.

Here are 4 major factors that turn your valves into loan sharks! 

It needs frequent servicing

A loan shark will create problems in debt servicing. He will demand a higher amount of EMI, and could resort to threats for recovery.  If your valve requires frequent maintenance, it is doing the same to you. You are now frequently setting aside time and money to inspect and repair the valve. Over a few months or years, it could add up to a big amount.

Tools such as data-driven maintenance could help optimize both the time and cost of valve maintenance.

It promises more but delivers little

Many times a loan shark typically offers the borrower more money than the latter actually needs. What he does not tell the borrower is that it entails a higher interest and that the surplus cash is actually a burden. Many times, oversized valves are installed for safety reasons. But that could cost the user in terms of money, and performance.

If the valve size is larger than needed, a small change in valve position could affect the media flow in a big way. It could then impact the downstream process. Additionally, larger valves have higher maintenance costs. So, the valve will guzzle up more money and deliver little performance.

Choosing the right size of the valve could go a long way in saving your buying costs + operational costs.

Lack of quality and authenticity

As opposed to a bank, a loan shark could be a shady character. When he lends to someone like a poor farmer, the actual motive could be taking over the latter’s land. Similarly, many users order valves from faraway markets to save costs. It is difficult to monitor the manufacturing and testing conditions of these valves.

Sometimes, these valves do not bear the essential quality certificates as well. When such valves are put into operation, they need frequent maintenance or early replacement. Thus, we could say the valve’s actual intention was just to drain your money.

At IPC, we address the customer’s concerns about traceability with effective solutions. The customers can now track the progress of their valves through the manufacturing and testing process and get their issues tackled at the earliest.

The valve cannot be used for multiple roles

There is a key difference between a loan shark and a bank. A bank acts as your investment advisor, offers interest on your investments, and lends you money. It could divert your investment money to debt servicing, making debt management easier. A loan shark can do nothing more than just lend money and pressure the lenders for recovery.

Many customized valves only offer good service in specific applications. On the other hand, in rare circumstances, if the entire line has to be shut down, these valves too become useless. However, modular valves can be removed and deployed into new roles. IPC supplies both standard and customized valves.


When buying a valve, it is necessary to ascertain its quality and monitor the testing. Additionally, look for valves that are easy to clean and repair and can be replaced quickly. Finding a reliable and trustworthy partner to supply valves could solve this problem. Sourcing all of your valves from a single supplier also ensures more reliability and ease of maintenance in your network.

IPC specializes in fulfilling the most urgent demands for quality valves. We supply standardized valves in the shortest possible lead-time along with a dedicated post-sales service.

IPC is an ideal long-term partner for your business!