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Knife Edge Gate Valve What, How, Where and When

What is a Knife Edge Gate Valve?


A knife gate valve is a type of valve with a sharp edge that can move into the flow. It’s designed to separate materials that could stop the valve from sealing tightly. Its specially designed for the corrosive, highly viscous and abrasive type of media. The Knife Edge Gate Valve works allowing thick media to easily flow over seals with least interference. They work by chopping up the media as it passes through the valve.

These Valves were developed and designed when the paper industry needed a valve that could handle stringy pulp. In normal Gate Valve, it would get stuck between the wedge and the seat of the Valve and prevent flow shut-off. Knife Edged Gate Valves were specially designed with sharp edges to cut through the pulp and achieve sealing.

In this edition of Knife Edge Gate Valve, we take a look at all the How, Where and When in this type of Valve are use.

How does it work?

Knife Edge Gate Valves effectively work on viscous fluids and slurries, A knife gate valve operates by allowing thick media to easily flow over seals with least interference. Because of its highly effective design characteristics, Knife Edge Gate Valves soon became invaluable in these type of applications

Where they are used?

Knife Edge Gate Valve are used in many process plants today and come in various sizes which makes it easier to handle thick flows of light grease, heavy oils, varnish, slurry, wastewater, paper pulp etc. Due to this, Knife Edge Gate Valves have pressure limitations and are designed to seat the blade into the seal with no disruption.

Why to use Knife Edge Gate Valve?

Knife Edge Gate Valve are more popular due to their compact design, easy operation, light weight and cost-efficiency. Specially designed for many process industries which requires to cut through pulps and create sealing effect.

Knife edge Gate Valves v/s Gate Valves

The main difference lies in the application or media types these both Valves can handle. Knife Edge Valves can handle slurries, power or granules very effectively as compared to Gate Valves, which requires clear media for effective operation.

Secondly, Gate Valve can not handle highly viscous media, whereas Knife Edge Gate Valve are best suited for viscous media.

This makes Knife Edge Valves suitable for industries like process plants, Cement, paper, stringy food products etc.

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