ipc valves

The challenge of selecting the ‘Right’ High Pressure Valve!

Several factors make it highly difficult to select the ‘right’ high pressure valve. High pressure valves have to satisfy many bosses – safety, design, instrumentation, maintenance, production and purchase, often demanding opposite expectations. Striking the right balance that meets your goals is the key success in selecting the right high pressure valves.

Choosing the one with the right mettle!

Material of Construction (MOC) defines the strength and therefore the mettle of the valve in performance and safety. The right type of MOC, chosen largely based on the type of media passing through the valve, is critical to long-term performance of the valve. Project and design teams that consider the media, its properties, probable changes in the media, beforehand are able to clearly state their requirements to Consultants and Suppliers, to get the best recommendations on MOCs. Even small differences in MOC can go a long way in influencing the performance of the high pressure valves.

Making Automation easy for everyone

Pressure rating or differential pressure of the valve is perhaps the most important point to consider in automating the valve. The pressure rating determines the size and capacity of the actuator. Further, the frequency of operation, location of the valve and operating time define heavy/light duty, electrical or pneumatic actuation and quick or slow opening respectively. Selecting the right options impact the valve life, maintenance and productivity.

The one that’s designed for maintenance!

Maintenance of high pressure valves is both highly essential and if not done right, very costly. However, several factors, such as the ease of routine maintenance, especially part replacements, accessibility for cleaning, refurbishment and fitting etc. are determined at design stage. Assessing the valve design for ease of maintenance helps to significantly reduce the maintenance costs.