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The Standards of Valve Manufacturing: IPC’s Commitment to Quality and Excellence

In industrial valve manufacturing and procurement, design & quality standards are crucial for ensuring the safety, quality, performance and interoperability of valves used in various industrial applications. Industries like Oil & gas, power & boiler manufacturers to name a few, need Valves that conform to specific standards. In last 2 decades, IPC has built a reputation for producing valves that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring reliability and safety in every application.

A Legacy of Quality

Commitment to superior quality is at the core in everything that we do. Every valve that leaves the IPC facility is a testament to the meticulous manufacturing procedures and stringent quality control. From the initial design phase to final inspection, IPC employs a rigorous process to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of excellence.

Certified Excellence

IPC valves are not only designed and manufactured to the highest standards but are also thoroughly tested and certified. The systems & products conform to various major international standards, including:

ISO 9001:2015: This standard signifies IPC’s commitment to quality management systems, ensuring that our products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 29001:2020: With this std. IPC ensures our commitment in ensuring superior quality specifically as per the needs of Petroleum and Petrochemicals sector.

ISO 14001: IPC’s dedication to environmental management is highlighted by this certification, which underscores our efforts in minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices.

ISO 45001: IPC’s concern towards occupational health and safety is highlighted by this certification. This is a testament to IPC’s continuous effort in following the right guidelines and ensuring good health and safety processes.

PED (Pressure Equipment Directive): CE certification demonstrates that IPC valves comply with the stringent safety requirements for pressure equipment in the European Union.

IBR (Indian Boiler Regulations): IPC valves meet the specific requirements for stem applications in India.

API (American Petroleum Institute): Recognized for excellence in the oil and gas industry, this certification assures that IPC valves are suitable for the most demanding applications.

SIL 3: With SIL 3 Ball Valves and Actuators, IPC ensures safety integrity of equipment and systems, ensuring that they meet stringent standards set by regulatory bodies.

PESO: Conforming to India’s standard for Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation, with this certification, IPC proves that our Limit Switch Boxex are ideal and suitable for use in oil and & gas, petroleum and other gas-based applications.

ATEX: This certification indicates that IPC Limit Switch Boxes are safe to use in explosive atmospheres, essential for industries such as chemical and petrochemical.

FET (Fugitive emission testing): Ensuring that IPC valves can withstand extreme conditions and meets the fugitive emission testing standards, this certification is crucial for various critical applications.

The IPC Difference

What truly sets IPC apart is our holistic approach to valve manufacturing. By integrating advanced technology, continuous improvement processes and a customer-centric focus, IPC has created a range of valves products that are not only highly functional but also are reliable and safe.


In today’s market, IPC has set itself as a trusted source of reliable and safe valves, valve automation & accessories. With unwavering commitment to quality, consistency and certification, IPC has a portfolio of products that conform to major international standards. Being dedicated to continuous improvement, IPC has set a benchmark for excellence in industry. If you are interested to know more about IPC, drop an email on Enquiry@ipcvalves.com