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Valve Standards for specialised applications


What Valve Standards apply for Nuclear, Aerospace, Submarine and 3D Printing applications?

Considering that valves are a critical component in a host of industries, quality and reliability is not an option for valves. While there are stringent standards in general for valves, many industries also have their own specific standards for the valves they use. Here’s a list of some of the specific standards for valves developed by various industries.

Valve Standards for Nuclear Applications

When it comes to valves used in nuclear plants, reliability, safety and efficiency are prime concerns. There are a number of valve standards uses exclusively for nuclear industry. The most important standards among these include the N Stamp Certificate given by the ASME. This standard allows the certificate holder to stamp newly built components for the nuclear industry. Similalrly, the MSS Sp 100-2015 and MSS SP 87-1991 which confirm to the ASME boiler and pressure code are also key standards in the nuclear industry. other industry-specific standards include RCC M, JSME, and CSA.

Valve Standards for Aerospace Applications

Valve standards for Aerospace industry are guided by the SAE Aerospace Recommended Practices. These guidelines outline analysis and test procedures for pneumatically, electrically, manually, and hydraulically operated air valves. The key document in this respect is the ARP 1270. First appearing in 1992, this document was reffered and revised in 2006, and 2015 respectively.

Valve Standards for Submarine Applications

Submarine pipelines need hydroponically operated valves that will open and close automatically, and will be monitored from offshore locations. These valve are mainly guided by the standards set by the American Petroleum Institute. These standards include API6DSS, API6A, and API17D. These standards are focused on external pressure, temperature, Apart from this, ISO13628-1 standards.

Valve Standards for 3D printing Applications

3D Printing is a fast evolving field and the standards in 3D printing are governed by the Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC). This is a joint venture by America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and the American National Standards Institute.

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