ipc valves

Ensuring Excellence: Pressure Testing for Unmatched Valve Quality

Importance of Valves testing for its strength and sealing ability is paramount in Industrial space. It is the crucial step that separates reliable, durable valves from the rest. Pressure testing ensures that valves can perform under the most demanding conditions, providing peace of mind to industries relying on their functionality.

Ensuring 100% pressure testing of valves

At IPC, we ensure we go beyond just standards and protocols for quality. Pressure testing is not just a procedure for us, every valve that we manufacture is tested for quality, adhering strictly to the industry-respected API 598, BS 12266 and ISO 5208 standards. This commitment sets a high standard for reliability and resilience.

Dedicated testing capability

With complete inhouse infrastructure for pressure testing IPC invests in Dedicated Testing Rigs to streamline the testing process. These rigs not only ensure thorough assessments but also contribute to faster and more efficient testing. IPC’s facilities are equipped with all the necessary resources for comprehensive pressure testing, highlighting their dedication to quality.

Complete Spectrum of Pressure Testing

At IPC, we cover the complete spectrum of Standards likes API 598, BS 12266, ISO 5208 and  other global standards. From the Hydrostatic Shell Test to the Air Test, every valve undergoes rigorous scrutiny. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the valve’s performance is thoroughly examined, leaving no room for compromise.

No compromises No cutting corners

At IPC, quality is not just a product requirement —it’s a non-negotiable parameter. There are no corners cut, no compromises made. IPC’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous pressure testing, setting a benchmark for the industry and providing customers with valves they can trust away.