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Valves for Fertilizer Industry

Valves for Fertilizer Industry

Safeguarding Fertilizer Production: IPC’s Special Valves When it comes to making fertilizer, it’s no walk in the park. The chemicals involved are tough and harsh, regular valves just can’t handle the heat – the Acidic, Alkaline substances. These substances lead to corrosion, scaling and leakages in the valves. Valves for fertilizer industry need to have … Read more

GGC Welding Quality beyond expectation

No Cutting Corners, No Compromises –  Welding that goes beyond industry Standards To achieve true quality there is only one right way. IPC Valves are not products of chance they are manifestation of commitment to true quality. At IPC, we don’t just follow standards, we exceed them to ensure you have valves that are product … Read more

Specialised valves for Salty and Marine applications

Salt Spray Testing for valves durability

Valves operating in salt water environments face several challenges and risks due to the corrosive nature of salt. Typically Valves used in applications like marine, offshore and chemical processing are more prone to corrosion resulting from salty water and salt laden atmosphere. Here are some key factors that make valves in salt-prone environments more valves … Read more

How to Select High Pressure Valves – what do the valves need?

Select Handling High Pressure – what-do-the-valves-need

Selecting equipment for different purposes requires careful consideration of specific criteria to ensure safety and functionality. The selection criteria for an umbrella and a parachute are naturally different due to the distinct purposes they serve. If an umbrella doesn’t open, the primary consequence is getting wet or catching a cold. It’s an inconvenience, but the … Read more

Streamlining Valve Automation: IPC’s Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators


As the importance of industrial automation is increasing so has the need for precision and reliability. In the world of valves, industries are choosing automated valves wherever possible. With 20+ years of experience and thousands of valve automation projects under its belt, IPC presents cutting-edge Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators. https://youtu.be/Yoy6UedGiiQ Compact and Versatile for … Read more

Ready to Take on Large-Scale Orders with Confidence


In a landscape where industry demands are constantly evolving, so are the demands for valves changing. The industry is moving towards digitalization, sustainability and advanced automation. Whether handling complex project or a high-value venture, companies are looking for a partner who can be trusted. IPC stands as an unwavering beacon of excellence, ready to meet … Read more