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Ready to Take on Large-Scale Orders with Confidence

In a landscape where industry demands are constantly evolving, so are the demands for valves changing. The industry is moving towards digitalization, sustainability and advanced automation. Whether handling complex project or a high-value venture, companies are looking for a partner who can be trusted. IPC stands as an unwavering beacon of excellence, ready to meet … Read more

Radiography Testing in Valves: A Window into Reliability and Safety


One factor that is common to technological advancements in all the Industrial revolutions is the quest for safer and more reliable machinery. Radiography testing, a cornerstone of non-destructive testing (NDT), has emerged as a powerful tool for ensuring the integrity of critical components like valves. This method has undergone a remarkable evolution, revolutionizing how we … Read more

Why actuators fail?


An actuator on a valve is like a “robotic muscle” that takes input signals and converts them into mechanical motion or action, similar to how our muscles respond to signals from their brain to perform physical tasks. Such complex mechanical devices can fail for various reasons. Here are the top 7 reasons why actuators may … Read more

Customised valves understanding risks and mitigation

Understanding risks and mitigation in customised valves

Customised valves: When precision matters most, there’s no room for compromise If one is climbing the Everest a tailor-made climbing a tailor-made harness would be designed and manufactured to provide a perfect fit and maximum comfort and safety for the individual, based on their unique body measurements and proportions. Customised climbing shoes, crampons, and other … Read more

Handling High Pressure Valves – what do the valves need?

Handling High pressure – what do the valves need

Would you apply the same selection criteria for an umbrella and parachute? If the umbrella doesn’t open – the highest risk is you will end up catching cold. Let’s not even talk about what could happen if the parachute doesn’t open. High pressure valves are like parachutes. While techno-functional selection criteria matter….it’s the failure that … Read more

Valve Manufacturer what to expect in the future valve!

This doesn’t surprise us anymore Delivery in 30 mins Never going to your bank Buying almost everything online Paying for chai and vada-pav online Cellphone becoming the primary device to conduct business Meeting our friends and doing professional networking in the meta verse Online/Digital only schools, colleges and Universities IoT devices telling you what you … Read more

Valve maintenance save you costs when outsourcing…?

Modern businesses face the dilemma of what should be kept in-house and what can be outsourced. While outsourcing of activities is common in some areas such as Information Technology or Facilities Management, it is catching up in many others. The general trend is to outsource activities that are non-core to your business. Can maintenance of … Read more