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Why oil and Gas needs good & reliable GGC valves?

Why oil and Gas needs good & reliable GGC valves

Keeping the flow of oil and gas in pipelines is a monumental task and requires several reliable pieces of equipment. Industrial valves are one of these crucial equipment. Without these valves, the oil and gas industry could not ensure that crude oil, refined gas, natural gas, and other materials get to their destination.

No two environments are the same. Some are highly corrosive. At the same time, others function under constant high pressure. Because of these variations, Oil and gas sector needs Valves that can withstand both i.e. corrosive environment and high-pressure applications. That’s the reason why Gate, Globe and Check valves have been trusted by the oil and gas sector for decades.

Gate Valves

The gate valve is the most commonly used in the industry. It uses a gate/wedge system to open or close a pipeline entirely. This is an excellent & sturdy choice to maintain reliable and steady flow. When the actuator completely opens the valve, the channel is unobstructed, allowing. These valves are used where a reliable & steady flow is required with a negligible pressure drop.

Globe Valves

Wherever pressure or flow needs to be controlled, the globe valve is a perfect choice. It is also often used for open and close operations. The valve plug is vertically raised and lowered by the actuator as needed. They tend to create a more significant pressure drop than other valve types because of the S-shaped passageway within them. They are a good choice for flow regulation and throttling functions.

Check Valves

Oil & gas operations find check valves extremely helpful as the device opens under pressure and does not allow backflow of fluid or material. Because of the restricted backflow, cross-contamination of the product is prevented. There is no need for an actuator as required in other valve types. However, it does need precise sizing & installation to ensure that the valve responds to change in fluid pressure as required.

Because valves come in many different types and provide various functionalities, choosing the best one may be challenging. It is helpful to consider the primary function under which it will be used. Does the environment need standard or high pressure? Is there a need for additional safety? What is the ideal type of actuation?

Additionally, consider the type of environment where the valve will need to function. Consulting a valve solution provider or manufacturer is very important here.

IPC Valves has been a leading supplier of valves for Oil & Gas industry for over 2 decades. Contact us anytime for more information about our offerings. We are always ready to help.

What are Swing Check Valves? 

Swing Check Valves

Understanding Swing Check Valves

Swing check valves, also known as backflow preventers, are important in many industries because they help fluid move in one direction while stopping it from going backwards. This helps things run smoothly and efficiently. valves feature a swinging disc on a hinge or shaft, determining their shut-off capabilities. The disc’s weight and the return flow dynamics significantly influence their performance.

How do Swing Check Valves Work?

the flow to pass through. On the other hand, the valve closes when there is a drop in pressure on the inlet side and a build-up of pressure on the outlet side. The back pressure in the line holds the disc in the closed position.


Advantages of Swing Check Valve

Swing check valve advantages include several benefits that make them a popular choice for check valve uses in various applications. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance:

    IPC’s swing check valves are designed for easy access to maintenance. You can easily remove the bonnet assembly, which includes the hinge and disc, by unscrewing a few bolts, making maintenance easier.

  • Optimum Sealing:

    The unique disc design of IPC’s swing check valve ensures reliable sealing under pressure. The disc is optimally designed and requires just to right force to open and close the valve, enhancing its sealing ability.

  • Versatile Installation:

    Swing check valves can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions, offering flexibility in various piping systems.

  • Preventing Water Hammer:

    Swing check valve with a lever and weight or a lever and spring are good for places where there’s a higher chance of water hammer. The weight on the lever can be adjusted to close gently against the seat and at the right speed, stopping the water hammer.

IPC Valves, a top valve company in India, makes and sells swing check valves. These valves are reliable and last a long time. Let’s explore the features and specifications of IPC swing check valve.

Manufacturing Excellence

As a leading Valve Manufacturer, IPC makes valves with top-notch manufacturing facilities. Our welding can seal and hard face weld well, and we also provide comprehensive technical information. We have good testing equipment, ensuring every valve we make is precise and meets nearly all international valve standards.

Secure Bolted Cover Design

IPC swing check valves feature a secure bolted cover design for low and medium pressures and a pressure seal bonnet for high pressure Swing Check Valves, providing enhanced safety and leak-free operation.


IPC swing check valves are available in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings, catering to various industry requirements. Here are some key product selection and technical specifications:

  • Pressure rating: ASME class 150 through 2500
  • Sizes: 1/2″ to 1½” (DN-15 to DN-40) for lift check valves, 2″ to 24″ (DN-50 to DN-600) for swing check valves
  • Manufacturing standards: API 594 / BS 1868 / API 6D / ASME B16.34
  • Flange details: Standard as per ASME B16.5, with additional options according to BS, AWWA, EN, DIN, etc.
  • End-to-end dimensions: As per ASME B16.10
  • Testing standards: API 598 / BS EN 12266-part 1 / API 6D
  • Butt-weld end details: As per ASME B16.25

These details ensure that IPC swing check valves work well for many different jobs, offering reliable performance and dependable results.

IPC offers a range of swing check valves designed to meet various industry needs and specifications. Some common types of IPC swing check valves include:

Common Types of IPC Swing Check Valve

1. Standard Valve:

This traditional design features a swinging disc that opens and closes with the flow of fluid, allowing for efficient fluid movement while preventing backflow.

2. Pressure Seal Swing Check Valves:

Engineered for high-pressure applications, pressure seal swing check valves provide reliable sealing performance in critical environments.

3. Dual Plate Check Valve:

Also known as butterfly check valves, dual plate check valves consist of two semicircular discs mounted on a central hinge, offering reduced weight, size, and pressure drop compared to traditional swing check valves.

4. Silent Check Valve:

Designed to minimize noise and water hammer effects, silent check valves incorporate features such as spring-loaded discs or dashpots to ensure quiet operation.

5. Wafer Check Valve:

Wafer check valves are compact and lightweight, ideal for space-constrained installations. They feature a simple design with a swinging disc and are sandwiched between flanges for easy installation.

6. Lift Check Valve:

Lift check valves utilize a piston or ball to lift off the seat, allowing fluid flow in one direction while preventing backflow when the flow stops.

Each type of IPC swing check valve offers unique features and benefits suited to specific application requirements, ensuring efficient fluid control and system performance.

Valves Application 

Swing check valves are integral to Wastewater Applications and various industrial applications, where the prevention of backflow is a critical concern. Let’s delve into some of the primary sectors where swing check valves are a staple:

  • Water Treatment Plants In water treatment facilities, swing check valves are crucial for preserving the integrity of the water distribution network.
  • Petrochemical Industry The petrochemical industry relies on swing check valve for maintaining the safety and efficiency of petrochemical processes.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Swing check valve prevent the backflow of oil, gas, and other fluids in pipelines. These valves ensure the uninterrupted flow of resources, improving the efficiency and reliability of operations.
  • HVAC Systems Swing check valves are commonly used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It helps to prevent the reverse flow of fluids.
  • Power Generation In power generation facilities, it stops steam, water, or other fluids from flowing backward.



In numerous industries, the swing check valve is pivotal for ensuring fluids move efficiently and securely, preventing reverse flow. Their ease of maintenance and inherent safety contribute to their robust sealing capabilities, ensuring exceptional performance.

IPC manufactures top-notch swing check valves in compliance with industry rules & standards. Proper installation and routine maintenance, including visual inspection, are essential to maintain their efficacy over time. The global use of the swing check valve is testament to its versatility and reliability in a myriad of applications worldwide.

Enhancing Cement Industry Efficiency with IPC Valves

Valves in Cement Industry

Cement manufacturing is a highly intricate process that involves handling abrasive materials, converting powders to slurry, and managing complex workflows. In such an environment, the choice of valves plays a crucial role in ensuring operational efficiency and durability. IPC Valves, with its 20+ years of expertise in manufacturing specialised valves, offers a complete range of valves to suit the unique demands of cement manufacturers.

Here are four valves that act as the backbone of Cement manufacturing plants


Floating Ball Valves: Control Air and Water flows 

In the cement industry, managing airflows and water is essential for various processes. IPC Valves’ Floating Ball Valves are designed to provide optimal performance. These valves offer quick shut-offs, contributing to the efficient regulation of airflows and water in cement manufacturing. The durability of IPC’s Floating Ball Valves is unmatched, making them a reliable choice for the demanding conditions of the cement industry.

Butterfly Valves:  Regulate Bulk Materials Flow

Regulating the flow of bulk materials, particularly in process raw materials, is a critical aspect of cement manufacturing. IPC Valves’ Butterfly Valves offer a cost-effective solution with low pressure drops, enabling seamless control over material flow. These valves are designed to withstand the demanding nature of bulk materials, providing durability and longevity in service.

Gate Valves: handle steams for CCP

Steam plays a crucial role in various processes within a cement plant. Right from preheating and drying to hydration and cleaning, steam is utilized in different ways to facilitate these processes. The robust design of Gate Valves from IPC makes them an ideal choice for handling and managing steam.

Knife Edge Gate Valves: Handle In-Process Slurry Material

Handling in-process slurry material requires valves that can withstand abrasion and provide reliable bi-directional sealing. IPC Valves’ Knife Edge Gate Valves are specifically engineered for this purpose. These valves excel in managing abrasive materials commonly found in slurry, offering the durability and efficiency needed for uninterrupted operations.

Choose IPC Valves for Cement Industry Needs

IPC Valves stands out as the preferred choice for the cement industry due to its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to the unique challenges of cement manufacturing. Whether it’s controlling airflows, regulating bulk material flow, managing essential materials, or handling slurry, IPC Valves provides a comprehensive range of valves that excel in performance and longevity.

Limit Switch Box : Elevate Your Valve Automation with IPC’s

Limit switch Box

The shift to automated valves is reaching new heights. Understanding the precise position of valves has never been more crucial. Limit Switch boxes play very important role when it comes to position sensing. Presenting Limit Switch Box from IPC—an outcome of 20 years of dedicated experience and deep expertise. We understand the importance of reliable valve position information and our Limit Switch Box is here to deliver just that.

Flame Proof and Weather Proof Options of Limit Switch box for Your Specific Needs

IPC offers Limit Switch Boxes in both flame-proof and weather-proof options. Emphasizing the significance of a Limit Switch Box in automated valves, we provide a reliable solution to enhance the functionality and safety of your industrial processes.

Diverse Material Options to Suit Your Environment with Limit Switch Box

Choose the right fit for your operational environments, IPC’s Limit Switch Boxes are available in nylon, aluminium and stainless steel housing. We believe in providing options that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring durability and performance.

Precision Design

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our Limit Switch Boxes are crafted to incorporate 2 to 4 sensors. This precision allows for accurate and comprehensive position sensing, ensuring that you can configure your valve position input as per your specific needs.

Conforming to International Standards

Rest easy knowing that IPC’s Limit Switch Boxes conform to international standards, including ATEX, IECEx, IP67 and IP68. Our commitment to meeting these standards reflects our dedication to delivering reliable and safe solutions for your industrial needs.

Rest easy knowing that IPC’s Limit Switch Boxes conform to international standards, including ATEX, IECEx, IP67 and IP68. Our commitment to meeting these standards reflects our dedication to delivering reliable and safe solutions for your industrial needs.

Valves for Oil and Gas

Valves for Oil and Gas

In Oil and Gas sector, challenges like the highest pressures, leakages and fugitive emissions are ever-present. These challenges not only impact operations but also underscore the critical importance of robust and reliable valves in this sector. Ordinary valves are not designed to withstand the heat and high pressure. Oil and gas sector specifically requires high pressure valves like Gate, Globe and Check Valve.

Specialized High-Pressure Valves from IPC

IPC understands the unique demands of the Oil and Gas sector, where pressures reach their highest points. That’s why we offer specialized high-pressure Gate, Globe and Check valves designed to withstand the intense conditions prevalent in the industry.

Valves Conforming to API Certification

Our valves conform to API standards, recognized globally for their significance in the Oil and Gas sector. The importance of API certification lies in ensuring that valves meet stringent criteria, guaranteeing safety, reliability and performance in the most challenging environments.

EIL Certified GGC Valves

Going a step further, IPC valves also offers EIL (Engineers India Limited) certified valves for Indian operational environment. This certification is a testament to the quality and adherence to industry standards, providing added assurance to our clients in the Oil and Gas sector.

Trusted by Industry-Leaders

IPC valves has been trusted by the trusted ones in Oil and Gas. Our valves have proven their mettle in real-world scenarios, contributing to the seamless operations and success of our esteemed clients.

Designed to Meet Challenging Needs

IPC’s GGC valves are solutions meticulously designed to meet the challenging needs of the Oil and Gas sector. From extreme pressures to stringent safety requirements, IPC valves rise to the occasion, ensuring reliability and longevity.

In conclusion, when the stakes are high in the Oil and Gas sector, trust IPC valves to be your reliable partners. Our specialized high-pressure valves, API certification and the trust of industry leaders make us the go-to choice.

Specialised Valves for 15+ Industrial Sectors

Valves Catering to wide range of Industries

Leading the way in the valve Industry, we at IPC strive to manufacture and deliver Cutting-edge valves specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of every sector we serve. With wide range of valves, automated valves as well as accessories like pneumatic actuators and limit switch boxes, IPC has always aimed to provide comprehensive solutions for diverse industrial sectors.

Diverse Applications, One Trusted Partner

In the last two decades IPC valves has earned position as a preferred choice across a spectrum of industrial sectors. From powering the energy sector to navigating the intricacies of oil and gas, fertilizer manufacturing and beyond, our valves have been integral in delivering steadfast solutions for a multitude of applications. IPC valves now cater not just couple of industrial sectors 15 various sectors.

Exceeding Expectations

Our commitment to quality is not just a promise; it’s embedded in every valve we produce. At IPC Valves, we go beyond industry standards, ensuring that our valves not only meet but consistently exceed quality expectations. This dedication to quality guarantees optimal performance, durability and efficiency in diverse operational environments.

Reliability in every valve

Catering to over 15+ sectors increases the need of precision and reliability. Over the years IPC Valves has earned the trust of industries by consistently delivering on these fronts. Our valves are designed to stand the test of time and perform seamlessly in critical applications.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction coupled with a legacy of excellence and continuous innovation, has made IPC Valves a preferred choice in the valve industry. Elevate your operations with IPC Valves, where every valve is a testament to our dedication to leading the way in valve solutions.

Ensuring Excellence: Pressure Testing for Unmatched Valve Quality

Pressure Testing of Valves

Importance of Valves testing for its strength and sealing ability is paramount in Industrial space. It is the crucial step that separates reliable, durable valves from the rest. Pressure testing ensures that valves can perform under the most demanding conditions, providing peace of mind to industries relying on their functionality.

Ensuring 100% pressure testing of valves

At IPC, we ensure we go beyond just standards and protocols for quality. Pressure testing is not just a procedure for us, every valve that we manufacture is tested for quality, adhering strictly to the industry-respected API 598, BS 12266 and ISO 5208 standards. This commitment sets a high standard for reliability and resilience.

Dedicated testing capability

With complete inhouse infrastructure for pressure testing IPC invests in Dedicated Testing Rigs to streamline the testing process. These rigs not only ensure thorough assessments but also contribute to faster and more efficient testing. IPC’s facilities are equipped with all the necessary resources for comprehensive pressure testing, highlighting their dedication to quality.

Complete Spectrum of Pressure Testing

At IPC, we cover the complete spectrum of Standards likes API 598, BS 12266, ISO 5208 and  other global standards. From the Hydrostatic Shell Test to the Air Test, every valve undergoes rigorous scrutiny. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the valve’s performance is thoroughly examined, leaving no room for compromise.

No compromises No cutting corners

At IPC, quality is not just a product requirement —it’s a non-negotiable parameter. There are no corners cut, no compromises made. IPC’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous pressure testing, setting a benchmark for the industry and providing customers with valves they can trust away.

High Pressure GGC Valves for Power Sectors

High Pressure Valves for Power Sectors
In the power sector, valves face the formidable challenges of high pressures and elevated temperatures. These harsh conditions inevitably lead to erosion and corrosion, impacting the efficiency and longevity of valves.
High pressure and temperature conditions are inherent due to the nature of the processes involved in power generation. High pressure is often a result of the need to efficiently convert energy, typically from steam or in the case of thermal plants fossil fuels or nuclear reactions are used to produce heat, which in turn generates steam.


Trust IPC!

High-Pressure GGC Valves for Power Sector…

IPC is a trusted manufacturer, specializing in high-pressure GGC valves, specifically designed for the demanding power sector. Referred to as Pressure Seal Bonnet Valves, IPC’s products are meticulously engineered and crafted from the right alloys, ensuring resilience against corrosive and erosive elements.

Manufactured according to global Standards

IPC’s high pressure valves ensure a Pressure Rating of ASME Class up to 2500 and further higher ratings can be offered till class 4500. Manufactured in strict accordance with ASME B16.34 standards, these valves undergo rigorous testing according to API 598/BS EN 12266, ensuring compliance with industry benchmarks.
When it comes to gate valves, globe valves, and check valves, IPC has invested over two decades of industry expertise and today IPC stands out as a reliable and innovative manufacturer. With a focus on optimized media flow, uncompromised safety, and the highest efficiency, IPC’s high pressure GGC valves are the go-to solution for the power sector.
IPC valves not only meet but exceed industry standards. Get optimized media flow, uncompromised safety, and the highest efficiency in your operations. Trust IPC, the leading high-pressure GGC valve manufacturer in India to elevate the performance of your systems.

Valves for Fertilizer Industry

Valves for Fertilizer Industry

Safeguarding Fertilizer Production: IPC’s Special Valves When it comes to making fertilizer, it’s no walk in the park. The chemicals involved are tough and harsh, regular valves just can’t handle the heat – the Acidic, Alkaline substances. These substances lead to corrosion, scaling and leakages in the valves. Valves for fertilizer industry need to have … Read more

GGC Welding Quality beyond expectation

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