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Valves for Oil and Gas

Valves for Oil and Gas

In Oil and Gas sector, challenges like the highest pressures, leakages and fugitive emissions are ever-present. These challenges not only impact operations but also underscore the critical importance of robust and reliable valves in this sector. Ordinary valves are not designed to withstand the heat and high pressure. Oil and gas sector specifically requires high pressure valves like Gate, Globe and Check Valve.

Specialized High-Pressure Valves from IPC

IPC understands the unique demands of the Oil and Gas sector, where pressures reach their highest points. That’s why we offer specialized high-pressure Gate, Globe and Check valves designed to withstand the intense conditions prevalent in the industry.

Valves Conforming to API Certification

Our valves conform to API standards, recognized globally for their significance in the Oil and Gas sector. The importance of API certification lies in ensuring that valves meet stringent criteria, guaranteeing safety, reliability and performance in the most challenging environments.

EIL Certified GGC Valves

Going a step further, IPC valves also offers EIL (Engineers India Limited) certified valves for Indian operational environment. This certification is a testament to the quality and adherence to industry standards, providing added assurance to our clients in the Oil and Gas sector.

Trusted by Industry-Leaders

IPC valves has been trusted by the trusted ones in Oil and Gas. Our valves have proven their mettle in real-world scenarios, contributing to the seamless operations and success of our esteemed clients.

Designed to Meet Challenging Needs

IPC’s GGC valves are solutions meticulously designed to meet the challenging needs of the Oil and Gas sector. From extreme pressures to stringent safety requirements, IPC valves rise to the occasion, ensuring reliability and longevity.

In conclusion, when the stakes are high in the Oil and Gas sector, trust IPC valves to be your reliable partners. Our specialized high-pressure valves, API certification and the trust of industry leaders make us the go-to choice.