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Valve Standards for specialised applications

  What Valve Standards apply for Nuclear, Aerospace, Submarine and 3D Printing applications? Considering that valves are a critical component in a host of industries, quality and reliability is not an option for valves. While there are stringent standards in general for valves, many industries also have their own specific standards for the valves they … Read more

Valve standards have evolved over the last 130 years.

Standardisation and interchangeability of valves has made it quite easy for firms to repair and replace the valves en mass today. However, it has not exactly been an easy journey.  How the Valve standards came to be developed, and how are they still impacting business? These are the questions we now seek to answer in our special three-part series on valve standards. In part I, we … Read more

Five symptoms that show the valve’s life is reducing!

Early identification of symptoms that denote danger to valve’s lifespan could save lots of time, efforts and costs. The threats to Valve’s life are often indirect. For instance, a seal leakage doesn’t remain limited to a seal issue, but quickly escalates to affect the life of the valve itself. Knowing the symptoms helps redress issues … Read more