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Valve Manufacturer what to expect in the future valve!

This doesn’t surprise us anymore Delivery in 30 mins Never going to your bank Buying almost everything online Paying for chai and vada-pav online Cellphone becoming the primary device to conduct business Meeting our friends and doing professional networking in the meta verse Online/Digital only schools, colleges and Universities IoT devices telling you what you … Read more

Valve maintenance save you costs when outsourcing…?


Modern businesses face the dilemma of what should be kept in-house and what can be outsourced. While outsourcing of activities is common in some areas such as Information Technology or Facilities Management, it is catching up in many others. The general trend is to outsource activities that are non-core to your business. Can maintenance of … Read more

Have you heard of Data-driven maintenance for valves?

  The one powerful tool that you could use to maintain a network of diverse valves is data. Valves are critical components of any flow system, and companies are setting aside huge budgets for their maintenance. Over time, flow networks have expanded and grown complex using different valves at different points.  Every individual valve could … Read more

Valve standards have evolved over the last 130 years.

Standardisation and interchangeability of valves has made it quite easy for firms to repair and replace the valves en mass today. However, it has not exactly been an easy journey.  How the Valve standards came to be developed, and how are they still impacting business? These are the questions we now seek to answer in our special three-part series on valve standards. In part I, we … Read more